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venetian crystal

Amulet Necklaces - Inspired by ancient tradition, reimagined and realized as contemporary elegance.  The centerpiece of each necklace is an opulent, intricately beaded cache.  You might tuck in a tiny treasure - lock of hair, ancient coin, crystal or your very special talisman - or wear the necklace simply for it's beauty.   Each necklace has two faces - front and back are different interpretations of the beaded pattern.  Precious beads or pendants create top closures for the bag and may be worn on either side. Materials are chosen from precious, semiprecious and culturally significant beads collected from every corner of the globe. Gold & silver foil handcrafted beads come from Murano, tiny 24kt gold and glass delicas for crafting the cache are imported from Japan.  Pearls, fine crystal, antique bronze, silver, bone are just part of the palate used to create these one of a kind treasures.


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front & back